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The Team U1st Poker has realized a superb result during the Irish Open, which was held in Dublin from the 10 at April 13, 2009, with Pascal Perrault who finished 64th (4,000€) and especially with the great 18th place of Lise Vigezzi with 17,900 € of gains.
With 700 players at the beginning, this “traditional” of the European tournaments (whose 1st edition took place in 1980), thus made it possible to “Pink Lady” (which defended the colors of Poker 770) to develop during three days a very beautiful poker and to show that she was without any doubt one of the best players of the hexagon.
Lise was eliminated in 18th position whereas she was in televised table. One of its adversaries having raised again preflop, Lise then said the whole ALL IN, with As of Square and 8 of Peak. She was slightly favorite before the flop compared to its adversary who had Ace of Heart and /  6 of Clover. But the board did not favour Lise because it brought a pair of 6 to its adversary!
One of the hand marking for Lise lasting this Irish Open was held with the blinds 4000/8000, a first player raised to 18.000 then another player raised again to approximately 50.000. Lise then decided to make All In for 70.000 and the two raisers followed it! With its pair of 10, she was not then favorite at all faces with the pairs of Ace and Kings of its adversaries, but the appearance of the 10 in the flop  enabled her to touch its three of kind and to triple its stack. 
Next tournament for the members of the Team U1st Poker: EPT of San Remo, the 18 at April 23, 2009 (Italy).
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